Compliance for Manual Processes

Ensure your manual processes, checks and controls are fully compliant:


Ensure compliance processes are followed and checks automatically performed.


Automatically flag exceptions, ensure they investigated and genuine issues identified.


Record how genuine issues are resolved, including: notes, emails and other documents.


Record the data required by: Laws, Regulatory Rules, Contractual Obligations and internal controls.


GRC-Maestro, ensures you have the records to prove compliance, check for potential violations, resolve breaches and produce management reports.

Automated Rule Checking

Flag potential rule breaches with automatic checks. All flagged rule breaches launch the GRC Case Manager.

GRC Case Management

Rule checks flag potential violations/breaches and launch the GRC Case Manager. Every GRC Case is investigated, assessed to be a breach/non-breach ad resolved.


Ensure your firm as all the information recorded to prove compliance with statutory laws, regulatory rules and contractual obligations.

Management Information

Extract valuable management information for reporting to senior management and breach/risk analysis.


Investment Managers

Investment firms can use GRC-Maestro to manage compliance in specialist areas, including: investment mandates, outsourced services, senior management responsibilities, code of ethics, etc.

Investment Banks

Investment banks/brokers can use GRC-Maestro to manage compliance in specialist areas, including: best execution, conflicts of interests, code of ethics, etc.


Organisations which have a wider social responsibility can use GRC-Maestro to achieve low cost compliance and ensure they deliver on their social goals.

Private Banks

Private banks can use GRC-Maestro to manage compliance in specialist areas, including: Know Your Client, AML risk assessment/resourcing, AML suspicious transaction investigations/reporting, etc.


Accountants looking to provide clients with regulatory compliance technology and/or outsourced support can leverage GRC-Maestro to grow their service offering.

Board Directors

Investment Fund and quoted company Board Directors who need to evidence compliance with listing rules and fund regulations.

Compliance Consultants

Consultants who want to improve their operational efficiency or provide new regulatory services for their clients can achieve these objectives with GRC-Maestro.

Fund Administrators

Fund Administrators who are looking to either improve their client’s regulatory compliance or meet new requirements can build and manage these on GRC-Maestro.

Boutique Firms

GRC-Maestro gives smaller regulated firms the ability to manage multiple regulatory, legal and contractual requirements on a single system.


Firms operating with multiple regulatory licenses can use GRC-Maestro to monitor and manage their compliance and automate manual checks and processes.


Firms with licenses from multiple international regulators can use GRC-Maestro to ensure they are in compliance with local regulations and give visibility of compliance across the group.


GRC-Maestro allows firms to use pre-built, edited or customised Templates.


Use the pre-built Maestro-Templates based on regulations and best market practice to cover statutory laws, regulatory rules, industry codes, etc.


Copy and edit existing Maestro-Templates based on firm’s specific Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements.


Firms can build their own Maestro-Templates for statutory laws, regulatory rules, industry codes, client/vendor contracts or internal controls.


Use your own consultants to build and edit the Maestro-Templates based on your specific Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements.