24th September 2017


Cyber-Security Management

Security has always been central to financial services.
Regulators and clients require firms to have a detailed Cyber-Security policy which
is implemented, monitored and managed.

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Investment Mandate Compliance

Investment managers are legally bound to manage client funds in accordance with
their Mandate.
Ensure you are monitoring and managing ongoing Mandate Compliance
and can prove your diligence at all times.

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Regulators require evidence that all outsourced material services remain in full
compliance with their regulations.
Show your Regulators that outsourced services are well controlled and fully compliant.

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AML Governance

Most AML failures are the result of poor governance and oversight.
Ensure your firm's AML has a solid governance foundation.

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Democratising GRC!

We are Democratising GRC with a simple, low-cost Governance, Risk & Compliance system – designed specifically for regulated firms and service providers.

Our Solutions include AML Risk Assessments, Cyber-Security Management, Ethics & Culture, Outsourcing Oversight, Corporate/Fund Governance, etc. For a list of our current solutions click here.

Solutions are based on regulatory, statutory, contractual and internal management requirements.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We offer Solutions which can be used immediately or edited for your requirements.

Partner Solutions

Our consulting partners offer their own Solutions and can edit our “out of the box” solutions.

Build Your Own

Clients can choose to build their own Solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Contact us to find out how GRC-Maestro can deliver your GRC requirements and for pricing.




GRC-Maestro cuts your costs:

    • Installation: No software
    • Implementation:  No consultants
    • Operation: Simple to use 
    • Price plans: Low cost

RegTech delivers and evidences better compliance.

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You don’t need IT expertise or deep pockets to use our GRC solutions on your browser!


We have over 20 years GRC experience covering: regulatory investigations, licensing, compliance monitoring and special projects (AML, insider trading, personal account trading, front running, staff training and advertising).


We have direct experience living and working globally, including: the US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Financial Services

Working in investment banking, investment management, corporate banking, private banking and mutual fund administration we have a depth of knowledge across financial services.