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Cyber-Security Management

Security has always been central to financial services.
Regulators and clients require firms to have a detailed Cyber-Security policy which
is implemented, monitored and managed.

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Investment Mandate Compliance

Investment managers are legally bound to manage client funds in accordance with
their Mandate.
Ensure you are monitoring and managing ongoing Mandate Compliance
and can prove your diligence at all times.

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Regulators require evidence that all outsourced material services remain in full
compliance with their regulations.
Show your Regulators that outsourced services are well controlled and fully compliant.

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AML Governance

Most AML failures are the result of poor governance and oversight.
Ensure your firm's AML has a solid governance foundation.

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RegTech: Making Compliance Better, Faster and Efficient

We help regulated firms achieve better compliance, quicker and more efficiently – because compliance doesn’t have to choke your business.

Using GRC-Maestro, firms can evidence full compliance by automating regulatory rule checks and maintaining the required “books and records”.

Compliance with company rules and regulations

Regulatory Solutions

Our Regulatory Solutions help firms formalize processes, checks and controls for governance, risk and compliance.

Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions help firms formalize processes, checks and controls for governance, risk and compliance.


GRC-Maestro cuts your costs:

    • Installation: No software
    • Implementation:  No consultants
    • Operation: Simple to use 
    • Price plans: Low cost

Used by: Regulated Firms

GRC-Maestro can be used by a range of regulated firms, including:

Used by: Service Providers

Outsource service providers can use GRC-Maestro to support their client’s regulated activities, including:

Automate Rule Checks & Record-Keeping


Governance relates to how firms administer their obligations, including: Board, legal, regulatory, security, etc.

Great firms have great governance, failed firms don’t!


Risk is an inevitable part of business life.

Avoiding risk isn’t possible, but knowing your risks and managing them is essential.


Compliance is at the core of every business, if you are “non-compliant” then you are acting illegally!

Knowing your legal obligations and operating in compliance these is the first responsibility of every firm.