24th July 2017


Cyber-Security Management

Security has always been central to financial services.
Regulators and clients require firms to have a detailed Cyber-Security policy which
is implemented, monitored and managed.

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Investment Mandate Compliance

Investment managers are legally bound to manage client funds in accordance with
their Mandate.
Ensure you are monitoring and managing ongoing Mandate Compliance
and can prove your diligence at all times.

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Regulators require evidence that all outsourced material services remain in full
compliance with their regulations.
Show your Regulators that outsourced services are well controlled and fully compliant.

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AML Governance:

Most AML failures are the result of poor governance and oversight.
Ensure your firm's AML has a solid governance foundation.

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We are Democratising GRC!

Democratising Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) means that all regulated businesses have equal access to a powerful GRC platform regardless of size or budget.

In the current environment, Regulators demand you “prove” your compliance. Error prone, unreliable and time consuming manual processes (email, Excel, Word, etc.) are no longer adequate.

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) ensures you can enforce your regulatory rules and have the records to prove compliance at all times.

Our GRC platform, GRC-Maestro, is designed to be the “go to” solution for regulated firms operating in this onerous regulatory environment. Key features include:

  • Functionality: delivers comprehensive functionality for a wide range of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation: zero physical installation, data light and no consulting required
  • Operation: no maintenance and flexibility to update Maestro-Templates at any time

Contact us to find out how GRC-Maestro covers your GRC needs and for pricing.


GRC-Maestro minimises your GRC cost:

    • Installation:  Software-as-a-Service (no software)
    • Implementation:  No consultants required (no extra costs)
    • Operation: Simple to use (no IT support or end user training)
    • Price plans: Transparent and low cost

Business experts in Governance, Risk & Compliance

About Us

Set up by financial services professionals with over 20 years experience in regulation and technology we are dedicated to Regulatory Technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm only has eight employees, are we too small to use GRC-Maestro?

The GRC-Maestro platform was designed to deliver a lot of GRC functionality at a low cost.

Smaller clients can use the unlimited GRC-Maestro Platform which supports a wide range of regulatory control and reporting requirements.


Call one of our GRC experts today to learn in more detail how we can help you.

Our Quebec office uses French, can you support this?

The GRC-Maestro platform is multilingual because businesses are increasingly global and many countries/provinces have stringent language laws.

Each GRC-Maestro User can have their own language and Maestro-Templates can be written in any language.


Call one of our GRC experts today to learn in more detail how we can help you.

We use our own checklists, can we load them into GRC-Maestro?

Clients can create new Maestro-Templates based on their current checklists. Furthermore, clients can copy and edit existing Maestro-Templates or commission consultants to do this.

Each client can use the exact Maestro-Templates they want both quickly and at minimal cost.


Call one of our GRC experts today to learn in more detail how we can help you.

Why Choose Us?

GRC Experience

We have over 20 years GRC experience covering: regulatory investigations, licensing, compliance monitoring and special projects (AML, insider trading, personal account trading, front running, staff training and advertising).

International Exposure

We have direct experience living and working globally, including: the US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Financial Services Expertise

Working in investment banking, investment management, corporate banking, private banking and mutual fund administration we have a depth of knowledge across financial services.

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