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Climate Change Action

The world is heating up! How can your firm cut its climate impact and pivot its business model?


It is a fact, the global climate is heating up due, in no small part, to carbon emissions.

The 2016 Paris Agreement committed signatory governments to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and report on their progress. National governments have announced initial actions to meet their obligations and these are going to have a major impact on firm’s operations.

Climate change will drive firms to amend their business models it will also present commercial opportunities for those that can pivot to the new, carbon neutral, environment.


GRC-Maestro helps Firms plan, implement, and execute their Climate Change action.

Based on the international Task Force on Climate-Related Financial disclosures, and adopted by many governments around the world, GRC-Maestro ensures firms are compliant with international best practices:

Firms need to understand their firm’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions as well as how climate change will impact their business. The Board of Directors have to take an effective and proactive lead in their firm’s climate change response, inaction isn’t an option!

Our Climate Change Governance solution helps firms to implement, periodically monitor and report on their Board response.

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to show Climate Change Governance: Who, what, when and why.

There are two elements to the impact climate change has on firm’s business strategy:

  1. Reduced carbon emissions – firms need to reduce their direct and indirect greenhouse gas output and his impact their current products and production/operational model.
  2. Business opportunities – there will be new opportunities for low emissions businesses and production/operational processes.

Boards need to build climate change into their business strategy and ensure their whole firm is aligned to reduce carbon output as well as adjusting to the constraints and challenges presented by climate change.

Our Climate Change Governance solution helps firms to record their climate change assumptions as well as assess the impact of climate change on their business operations.

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to evidence the assessment and impact of Climate Change on the firm’s business model and strategy.

Senior Management have to identify the risks climate change presents to their business, across operating lines and geographic locations. Once the risks are identified they need to be managed to ensure the firm has minimized the risks and, where possible, avoided material costs.

Our solution for Climate Change Risk Management helps firms to conduct an initial risk assessment along with implementing a program to manage the risks identified.

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to show Climate Change Risk Management: Who, what, when and why.

It is a prerequisite that each firm must measure the progress made toward achieving its climate change targets.

Climate change targets have to be identified by each company and the periodic progress on achieving the identified goals reported.

Our Climate Change Metrics & Targets solution helps firms to record their climate change targets, the basis on which the targets were determined and the progress toward achieving the targets.

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to evidence your firm’s implementation of Climate Change metrics and targets.


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