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Robo: Analysis/Advice/Execution


"With great power comes great responsibility", keep control over your Bots

Regulators have woken up to the risks posed by automated decision making processes in financial services.

Whether used for investment analysis, portfolio construction, order generation/routing or execution allocation, the algorithms have to be carefully designed, tested, implemented and managed.

GRC-Maestro supports the governance of your algorithms with:

  • Exception reporting: flag and report issues with algorithms as they occur, e.g. data errors, bugs, etc.
  • Scheduled reports: periodically check key information regarding the opperation of each critical algorithm
  • Incidents: evaluate exception and scheduled reports to identify issues requiring investigation, evaluation and resolution

GRC-Maestro evidences to Regulators and Senior Management that your business has a thorough control over the core algorithms it relies on.


Regulatory Jurisdictions

Robo Governance: Analysis/Advice/Execution

Identify, monitor and manage your Bots to prevent them going rogue…