Maestro-Solutions for

Fraud Investigators/Examiners

Fraud is changing and Investigators/Examiners are upping their arsenal.


As organizations grow their operations across the globe the risk of fraud increases exponentially. Added to the challenges of operating in multiple international locations across culture and time zones then the scope for misunderstanding, errors, oversights and pre-mediated fraud increase.

The role of Fraud Investigators/Examiners has never been greater. Technology is both a friend and foe, it helps Fraud Investigators/Examiners do a better job but also gives fraudsters more opportunities to exploit.


GRC-Maestro helps Fraud Investigators/Examiners better perform their work by:

  • Due Diligence: checking the details of organization’s fraud prevention controls
  • Issues: automate the reporting, investigation and resolution of frauds, along with remedial actions taken
  • Reports: assist in collating key information required for periodic Board Reports and regulatory filling
  • Recordkeeping: record the information required by insurers/regulators/law enforcement