"You can't outsource responsibility"!
All outsourced services must be monitored

Outsourcing is common and increasing as businesses focus on their core value add. But outsourcing has serious implications for your business because you remain regulatory liable while loosing day-to-day control and visibility.

Regulators impose very strict rules on outsourcing, whether within a group or outside. The rules cover all stages of outsourcing, from selection to ongoing monitoring and termination.

GRC-Maestro supports your Outsourcing Management in a Maestro Solution with:

  • Maestro-Templates: based on your specific outsourced services for: selection process, ongoing monitoring and exception management
  • Schedules: periodically sending Maestro-Forms to designated oversight staff
  • Incidents: evaluate responses with automatic and manual incident creation, reporting and resolution

GRC-Maestro evidences to regulators that your business has a thorough control over outsourced services.


Regulatory Jurisdictions

Outsourcing Management

The Maestro-Solution for Outsourcing Management consists of a collection of…