Our Vision – To Democratise:

♦ Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

♦ Financial Crime Prevention (FCC)

♦ Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Our GRC Platform, GRC-Maestro, allows firms to manage their Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements on a single, low cost, system.


GRC-Maestro is built to support the Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements of all firms, regardless of size, location or industry.

We want all regulated firms to have access to the best GRC software without the complexity or cost of multiple systems.


GRC-Maestro is built to support the Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements of multiple firms which means the costs are shared and minimized.

Maintaining GRC controls and proving compliance are legal and regulatory requirements, but they don’t have to be costly.


GRC-Maestro is deployed on the super secure Microsoft Cloud.

There is no software to install, no hardware requirements, no expensive consulting or technical expertise, just login and you are good to go.

Enhancements to the GRC-Maestro platform are seamlessly rolled out with no down-time or user upgrades required.

If you need to prove compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations then you have to use technology!

Our Vision

We want to provide the best platform for regulated financial services firms to achieve their Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements.

After 25 years in financial services we realised that most Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements are “generic”, they require information to be recorded, checked, exceptions flagged. The exceptions have to be investigated, resolved and reported.

Our Platform: GRC-Maestro

We built our GRC-Maestro platform to offer regulated firms a single, powerful and flexible system for monitoring, managing and reporting on their Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements

GRC-Maestro is a cost-efficient platform which natively supports regulated firms Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Requirements

With 25 years’ experience in financial services we have found that most Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements are generic:

  1. Record – data must be recorded and checked for exceptions
  2. Investigate – exceptions must be investigated and true positives identified
  3. Escalate – relevant management must be informed of material exceptions
  4. Resolve – true positives must be resolved and remedial action taken
  5. Report – periodic status reports must be circulated to relevant managers

GRC Focused

Our sole focus is on delivering Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions on our GRC-Maestro platform.

Regulated financial service firms have a business requirement to prove their compliance with statutory laws, regulatory rules and their contractual obligations.

Each firm wants to achieve their Governance, Risk & Compliance obligations in the most cost-efficient manner.

GRC-Maestro ensures firms can get compliant, stay compliant and prove their compliance with the minimal business disruption.


The co-founders of Dynamic-GRC first met in Tokyo, then worked together in Hong Kong and London before launching Dynamic-GRC in Ireland and incorporating in Singapore.

The GRC-Maestro platform was designed in Australia and built in New Zealand. We are international!!

[mvc_team_profile image_id=”11378″ memb_name=”Adrian Pay” memb_prof=”Accountant” memb_about=”Adrian qualified as an accountant in the UK before moving into Regulatory Compliance back in 1995.” social_icon=”fa fa-linkedin-square” social_url=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianpay/” memb_email=”apay@dynamic-grc.com” memb_numb=”+44 20 3286 0800″ info_size=”16″ memb_skill=”Regulatory Compliance” memb_skill2=”Anti-Money Laundering”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”11379″ memb_name=”Kevin English” memb_prof=”Chief Technical Officer” memb_about=”Kevin has worked for financial services technology firms and securities brokers in Ireland, Japan, the UK and Australia.” memb_email=”kenglish@dynamic-grc.com” memb_numb=”+61 2 8006 5008″ social_icon=”fa fa-linkedin-square” social_url=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-english-30860626/” info_size=”16″]