Sanctions Assessment

Sanctions busting is serious! Get an expert review of your sanctions practices and minimize your exposure.

Sanctions Assessment Report
Assessment Report
Sanctions Risk Assessment
Risk Analysis
Sanctions Best Practices
Best Practices
Sanctions Risk Heatmap
Risk Heatmap


With dozens of bodies issuing sanctions it is critical for firms to know which sanctions apply to them and how they are implemented.

Fims that fail to be fully sanctions compliant can face huge fines and senior management can also face incarceration

Sanctions: Governance & Effectiveness Assessment

The Sanctions Assessment reviews a firm’s sanctions checks, controls, management and culture. from an employee perspective.

Each Sanctions Assessment report includes:

  • Sanctions Risk Heatmap
  • Sanctions Best Practices
  • Intra-Group Sanctions Benchmarking 

Designed with our partners, Jersey headquartered AML, sanctions and compliance experts Baker Regulatory Services (BRS), the Sanctions Assessment utilizes specifically designed Sanctions Questionnaires which are completed by senior staff with sancitons oversight.

The responses to the Sanctions Questionnaires are used to generate a report which includes Sanctions Risk Heatmaps, recommended best practices and, for groups with multiple entities, intra-group benchmarking.

Sanctions Compliance Governance

The Board Directors has to take a lead in prioritizing the firm's sanctions management, implementation and oversight.

Sanctions Planning

Firms need to know which sanctions are relevant to their operations, how they will be implemented and the commercial impact on their business.

Sanctions Training

The sanctions training for Directors and employees has to be relevant to the firm's operations, business model and products/services.


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Automate GRC – Run manual checks and processes automatically

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