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Investment Managers

Investment managers are strictly regulated to ensure each client is treated fairly.


Investment managers are strictly regulated to ensure investments are made in the interests of clients and that each client is treated fairly.

Regulators and clients need assurance that investment managers support their specific requirements and internal controls are appropriate to the size and complexity of the firm:

  • Regulators: international and firms with complex structures need to show all their regulators they have robust internal GRC controls
  • Clients: each client needs assurance that their specific requirements are supported regardless of the investment manager’s size

GRC-Maestro supports the requirements of global regulators and clients.


Operating with hundreds or thousands of staff, often with multiple international locations, investment managers need rigorous internal controls to maintain high standards and support multiple regulatory jurisdictions. The challenges investment managers face are often due to their success:

  • Multiple regulators: operating in more than one jurisdiction means having to implement controls and reporting for each one. GRC-Maestro allows you to implement controls and reporting specifically for each jurisdiction.
  • Client diversity: managing clients and funds from many regulatory jurisdictions means having the flexibility to support each and every one. GRC-Maestro allows you to customise your client/fund monitoring to support specific requirements.
  • Control: with a large number of staff in many locations and new joiners every month it is hard to ensure everyone knows and follows procedures relevant to them. GRC-Maestro ensures all employees know and follow relevant procedures, at a group level and other levels, e.g. country, department, desk etc.
  • Technology: adding GRC functionality to existing systems is time consuming and expensive. GRC-Maestro offers a quick way to add GRC solutions without having to modify existing systems.

GRC-Maestro offers investment managers the ability to quickly and easily implement solutions to GRC requirements across your firm.