Maestro-Solutions for

IT Systems Governance

Technology: "Good Servant, Bad Master!"
Firms Have To Strictly Control Their IT Systems.


IT systems are core to almost financial services business, if one system fails then firm can stop functioning!

It is essential for financial services firms to have a comprehensive IT strategy which identifies the risks (including cyber-security) and opportunities of technology, the resourcing requirements and Senior Management oversight.


GRC-Maestro ensures Senior Management can be confident that their IT systems are being governed in accordance with regulatory requirements. Beyond the regulatory requirement, Senior Management need to ensure their firm’s IT systems are fully functional and available.

Specific IT Systems Governance areas the Maestro-Solution addresses include:

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

The firm’s readiness for disaster recovery and business continuity needs to be periodically tested, including testing performed by overseas business centers and firms which provide outsourced services.
All issues/executions need to be flagged to investigation, assessment and resolution.
As part of the business continuity plan, the ability of employees to work from home is a critical part.

IT Outsourcing

Monitor each outsourced IT services to ensure it is managed in accordance with the outsourced service agreement. Checks include compliance with regulatory rules and the firm's own policies


Identify and assess the cyber-security protection built into each of your firm's systems, flag issues and manage to resolution. Cyber-security includes inbuilt security in each system used, including user roles, access, logins, logging use actions, etc.


Prove Compliance – Evidence Your Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Automate GRC – Run Manual Checks And Processes Automatically

Low Cost – Quick And Easy To Use + Low Pricing