Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Identify/Assess Statutory, Regulatory and Contractural Obligations

GRC Monitoring, Reporting and Record Keeping

GRC Investigations/Case Management

GRC Investigations/Case Management

Cut errors/omissions

Improve efficiency

Reduce Key-Person Dependency

Improve Recordkeeping

Investigate and Resolve

Ensure all potential rule breaches are investigated, assessed as breaches or non-breaches and are resolved.

GRC Reporting

Produce the reports required by law enforcement, regulators, owners/management and clients to prove internal controls.

Record Keeping

Record  and store the data required to prove compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and internal procedures.

Automated Rule Checks

Flag potential rule breaches with automatic checks. All flagged rule breaches launch the GRC Case Manager.

Compliance Covered:

Statutory Laws

GRC-Maestro supports a wide range of laws, covering: Financial, Employment Practices, Health & Safety, Data Protection, etc..


Rules published by financial regulators can be managed on GRC-Maestro, including: AML, licensing, outsourcing, financial products, senior management responsibility, etc.

Internal Policies

Firms can manage their own internal policies on GRC-Maestro, including: code of conduct/ethics, internal processes/checks/controls, commercial information, etc.


When firms contract with suppliers/customers or enter Service Level Agreements (SLAs) these can be monitored and managed on GRC-Maestro.


Use the Maestro-Templates to fit your requirements:

♦ Packaged Templates

Packaged Maestro-Solutions use pre-built Maestro-Templates to meet a range of statutory or regulatory requirements.

♦ Edited Packages 

Users can copy and edit Templates as required, both on initial implementation and as legal, regulatory, contractual or internal policies/procedures change.

♦ Customised Templates

Users can set up their own Templates based on their specific requirements, e.g. client/vendor contracts, internal policies/procedures, etc.

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