Maestro-Solutions for

Vendor Management

Every firm needs to negotiate, monitor and manage vendor's Service Level Agreements

Regulators, clients and senior management need assurance that regulated firms carefully pre-screen vendors and regularly reassess their suitability as a vendor.

The “Due diligence” undertaken needs to be on several levels to assess if the supplier is reliable to contract with, whether they are compliant with relevant legal/regulatory requirements and whether the service supplied has met contractual standards.

GRC-Maestro supports your Vendor Management requirements in a Maestro Solution with:

  • Maestro-Templates: based on your specific vendor management requirements for each supplier and contract/service
  • Schedules: periodically sending Maestro-Forms to managers responsible for the vendor interaction
  • Incidents: evaluate responses with automatic and manual incident creation, reporting and resolution

GRC-Maestro evidences to regulators, clients and senior management that your vendors and their services are diligently managed.


Regulatory Jurisdictions

Vendor Contract Management

The Maestro-Solution for Vendor Contract Management consists of a collection …