Maestro-Solutions for

Precious Metals/Stones Dealers

Regulators and law enforcement are switching their attention to precious metals/stones.


Dealers in precious metals and stones are singled out by the FATF/GAFI at specific high risk from money launderers. This risk is underlined by the US FinCEN who flag the potential use of ultra-high value and portable precious metals and stones by criminals and terrorists.

Precious metals and stones dealers need to have a robust AML framework designed, implemented and monitored. The key components of an AML framework include:

    • Compliance Staffing – experienced and trained personnel to design, implement and operate AML controls.
    • Policies/Procedures/Controls – designed to prevent and/or identify potential money laundering.
    • AML Resourcing – the implementation and use of technology and reference data appropriate to the firm’s specific risk.
    • Staff Training – ensuring that appropriate training is planned and delivered to all staff.
    • Monitoring – periodic testing of the effectiveness of the procedures and controls implemented.


Precious metals/stones dealers can use GRC-Maestro to meet their AML obligation, including:

  • AML Resourcing – keeping the designated Senior Manager responsible for AML informed of material issues as they arise, periodic reporting of AML operations and the results of AML auditing.
  • AML Reporting – reporting KPIs for senior management, assessing AML requirements/risks, resourcing and monitoring results.
  • Record-Keeping – ensure the AML records required by regulators are recorded and accessible on demand.