Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Automate & Formalize Manual ESG Processes, Checks and Recordkeeping:

Identify/Assess ESG Requirements/Risk

Plan, Resource and Implement ESG Strategy

ESG Monitoring, Reporting and Record Keeping

ESG Investigations/Case Management

Using GRC-Maestro helps firms:

Cut errors/omissions

Improve efficiency

Reduce key-person dependency

Improve recordkeeping


ESG is more than “good intentions” so it is essential to maintain thorough records regarding both issues and reportable events to prove compliance.

Ensure your firm has the records to evidence its compliance with ESG Codes/Guidelines/Policies.

Management Information

Extract the data required by management to assess the firm’s ESG status so progress can be measured (ESG is a journey, not a fixed destination).

Provide data for detailed ESG management reporting per period.


Investment Managers

Investment managers have to take ESG into account for specific funds and across the accounts they manage to meet regulatory and contractual obligations along with internal policies.

GRC-Maestro helps investment managers evidence and manage the multiple aspects of ESG.

Investment Banks

Investment banks/brokers have to conduct detailed ESG due diligence for their clients.

GRC-Maestro evidences the ESG due diligence work undertaken by Investment Bank and ensures they have undertaken thorough investigations.

Private Banks

In the current political and regulatory environment, Private Banks have implemented tough AML controls.

GRC-Maestro helps Private Banks across their AML controls/management and particularly when managing more complex or higher risk clients.


Accountants looking to provide clients with ESG assurance can leverage GRC-Maestro to grow their service offering.

Firms can outsource parts of their ESG management or use the GRC-Maestro platform configured by their service provider.

Board Directors

Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive, have to be aware of their firm’s ESG status.

Directors need to understand their regulatory duties as well as their firm’s implementation of ESG policies.

Compliance Consultants

Consultants who want to provide new ESG services, or widen the services offered to existing clients, can use GRC-Maestro to automate ESG checks, processes and record keeping.

Firms can allow their clients to “self-service” their ESG or provide a blend of technology and services.

Fund Administrators

Many mutual funds have ESG requirements, whether regarding investments or reporting.

Where mutual funds have ESG obligations their Fund Administrator have to take these into account as part of their overall administrative services.