Maestro-Solutions for

Fund Directors


Fund Directors have a heavy personal exposure for each fund's compliance


The regulatory responsibilities and corresponding liabilities of Fund Directors are increasing in many jurisdictions. The onerous governance requirements for Investment Funds mean both the Investment Fund and the individual Directors need to keep detailed records of checks performed, investigations conducted and actions taken.

GRC-Maestro helps Fund Directors meet their regulatory obligations by:

  • Due Diligence: checking the details of an Investment Fund before, and periodically after, taking a directorship
  • Exceptions: automate the identification of regulatory or internal control issues and ensure they are investigated and resolved
  • Reports: assist in collating key information required for periodic Board Reports and regulatory filling
  • Recordkeeping: record the information required by regulators to prove the Fund Director diligently fulfilled their responsibilities

When Investment Fund Directors use GRC-Maestro in a personal capacity they “own” their own data and they keep their records even after they cease to be a Director of a Fund.


Maestro-Solutions for different jurisdictions are quick and easy to build or customise to meet specific requirements: Maestro-Solutions

There are a range of pre-build Maestro-Solutions for different jurisdictions: