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Spreadsheet Governance

Excel is the most widely used financial services software - but it needs to be strictly governed.


The core issues with spreadsheets is the lack of control, they can and do spawn a lot of errors. But used in a controlled manner, spreadsheets can contribute more and at less risk.


Spreadsheets needs to be assessed for criticality, purpose and control. Where spreadsheets outputs are financially/operationally material, then they have to be rigorously tested and locked-down.

Every firm needs detailed and appropriate spreadsheet standards which have to be implemented, monitored and managed.

Policies & Procedures

Firms need to document their Policies/Procedures regarding spreadsheet usage and periodically revise them in the light of errors they might have contributed toward.
The Policies/Procedures should include a determination of the risk v reward tradeoff in using specific spreadsheets and their approval process.

Spreadsheet Risk Assessment

All the spreadsheets used by your firm which are used in operations need to be identified and checked for accuracy and access controls.
Spreadsheets should be risk assessed to ensure monitoring is focused on those representing the highest risk.

Spreadsheet Monitoring

Each spreadsheet needs to be reviewed at a risk assessed frequency to ensure it complies with the firm's Spreadsheet standards and remains necessary, complete, accurate and that its risk assessment has not changed since the last assessment.

Errors: Identification & Reporting

On an exception basis, operational errors where it is assessed that a spreadsheet was a contributory factor need to be reported. Remedial action might include assessing why the spreadsheet failed and how to prevent a recurrence.

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