The GRC-Maestro Platform

Consolidate – bring your compliance data together for control/reporting

Supplement – enhance your current systems/manual checks/processes

Register – record/manage and report on notifiable events

Monitor – periodically check compliance and flag issues to investigate/resolve

Automate your manual checks/controls.

Quick, easy and low cost!


The GRC-Maestro Platform records, checks and reports on all your compliance requirements:

♦ Statutory Laws/Tax Codes

Provide compliance with statutory laws regarding: employment practices, health & safety, taxation, etc.

♦ Regulatory Rules

Ensure your firm complies with the regulatory license(s) it holds.

♦ Contracts

Check the firm is complying with client contracts and that service providers are correctly monitored.

♦ Internal Policies/Procedures

Monitor compliance with internal policies and procedures.

Designed for Compliance


MS Azure Cloud

Slice & Dice Data

Highly Secure

Customizable Checks


Make sure you have the records to prove your compliance, verify your compliance, manage exceptions to resolution and produce status reports for management.

GRC Dashboard

Oversee your Governance, Risk & Compliance control environment with a powerful, real-time, dashboard.

Identify Maestro-Forms sent to Respondents and issues relating to internal controls or laws, regulations and contracts.

GRC Case-Manager

Ensure all potential rule issues/breaches are investigated and resolved.

The GRC Case-Manager maintains a full audit trail of actions taken, including attached documents.

Automated Rule Checks

Rules checks can be written against GRC-Maestro data inputs to automatically identify potential rule breaches.

All flagged potential rule breaches launch the GRC Case-Manager.

Management Information

All the data recorded in GRC-Maestro can be used in business intelligence tools for powerful management reporting.