Maestro-Solutions for

Mid-Tier Firms


Managing compliance teams in multiple jurisdictions requires strong oversight.


Mid-tier firms often have good resourcing in their home jurisdiction or core business but struggle when expanding globally or into different regulated businesses.

The challenge is primarily due to a lack of scale in new business areas or jurisdictions, but regulators enforce the same rules on all firms.


Mid-tier firms can use GRC-Maestro to help monitor and manage their Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) across their firm.

GRC-Maestro gives management a view of their compliance status across the whole firm, by business line, operating unit, regulator, etc.

Where firms have manual checks and processes, GRC-Maestro allows firms to:

  • Automate Manual Checks – run checks on data to identify potential GRC issues and flag them for investigation
  • Formalized Processes – ensure staff follow the correct processes
  • Record Keeping – ensure the required records are kept

In addition to the above, firms can used GRC-Maestro data to feed their internal Business Intelligence (BI) for management reporting.