Outsourced service providers have to support full legal and regulatory compliance.


Outsource Service Providers are required to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the detailed regulatory obligations of their clients, including:

  • Business Processes: follow the workflows required by regulators or clients
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): demonstrate compliance with DR requirements Regulators and clients
  • Recordkeeping: ensure data required by Reguators is kept and accessible for the required periods


Firms using GRC-Maestro can demonstrate compliance with Regulatory rules and contractual obligation using:

  • Standardized Maestro-Templates: based on generic Regulatory requirements
  • Customized Maestro-Templates: based on client contractual obligations

All Maestro-Templates can be build and updated by the Outsource Service Provider or third parties they wish to commission.

GRC-Maestro gives clients assurance that their Outsource Service Providers are able to meet their Regulatory and contractual obligations.