As the cost and complexity of regulation increase, consultant support is critical.


Compliance Consultants play a critical role in helping clients get compliant, and stay compliant, but are under constant pressure to implement thorough processes/record keeping efficiently.

GRC-Maestro Delivers

Compliance Consultants can use GRC-Maestro to improve their operations:

  • Efficiency: automate administration to increase productivity per consultant
  • Key Person Dependency: record regulatory data/issues so clients can be transferred between consultants
  • Client Self-Service: allow clients to self-complete and submit information
  • Recordkeeping: ensure key data is recorded for auditability and regulatory recordkeeping

Commercial Opportunities

Compliance Consultants can use GRC-Maestro to deliver a better client service with:

  • Standardized Templates: use Maestro-Templates to standardize regulation/controls
  • Customized Templates: write client specific Maestro-Templates to implement regulations
  • Management Information: record data which can then be used in MI tools
  • Value Added Services: automating low value-add task consultants can focus on value added activities