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Data security is critical to every firm, especially in financial services

Financial services are built on security and trust. From the earliest of times, banks employed physical security to safeguard assets and their customers trusted them.

Today, security relies less on physical strength and more on technical design. The assets safeguarded are information instead of gold bars, but the principle is the same.

Regulators and clients require firms to have a detailed Cyber-Security management policy in place and to evidence it working.

GRC-Maestro supports your Cyber-Security in a Maestro Solution with:

  • Maestro-Templates: covering your Cyber-Security governance, monitoring, exceptions, actions and reporting
  • Schedules: periodically sending Maestro-Forms to your Cyber-Security Officer and responsible managers
  • Incidents: evaluate responses with automatic and manual incident creation, reporting and resolution

GRC-Maestro evidences to regulators and clients that your business has implemented a strict Cyber-Security program to keep data secure.


Regulatory Jurisdictions

Cyber-Security Management

The Maestro-Solution for Cyber-Security Management consists of a collection …