Monitor, manage and report on compliance with statutory laws, regulatory rules, internal procedures and contractual obligations.

All firms, from start-up to the top tier have to prove their compliance.

Investigate and Resolve

Ensure all potential rule breaches are investigated, assessed as breaches or non-breaches and are resolved.

GRC Reporting

Produce the reports required by law enforcement, regulators, owners/management and clients to prove internal controls.

Record Keeping

Record  and store the data required to prove compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and internal procedures.

Automated Rule Checks

Flag potential rule breaches with automatic checks. All flagged rule breaches launch the GRC Case Manager.


Boutique Firms

GRC-Maestro offers smaller firms the power to manage multiple GRC requirements on a single, cost effective, platform.

Mid-Tier Firms

Firms with more complex requirements can use GRC-Maestro to co-ordinate their GRC management and formalize their manual processes.

Multi-National Firms

Firms which operate across multiple jurisdictions and business lines often need to augment their current systems and/or formalize manual processes.