Maestro-Solutions for

Boutique Firms


Regulations apply to all firms regardless of size, staying fully compliant is critical.


Smaller regulated firms share similar compliance challenges. Primarily, they lack the financial resources to staff a full-service compliance department and implement compliance systems.

Compounding the resourcing challenge face by small firms, they need to show current and prospective clients that they have adequate controls to safeguard the business.


Smaller firms can use GRC-Maestro to monitor and manage their Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) on a single platform.

GRC-Maestro allows firms to:

  • Automate Manual Checks – run checks on data to identify potential GRC issues and flag them for investigation
  • Formalized Processes – ensure staff follow the correct processes
  • Record Keeping – ensure the required records are kept

In addition to the above, firms can use GRC-Maestro data to feed their internal Business Intelligence (BI) for management reporting.