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Political Governance

Voters want to see their politicians' practice what they preach - it is a minefield!


Political parties face a daily onslaught from “popularism” and social media.

In an age where commentators are looking for hypocrisy, stories can’t be “buried” and careless “tweets” from years ago are coming back to haunt candidates globally.


Political parties have to implement strict discipline both in candidate selection and their ongoing conduct.

Candidate History

Candidates need to go through a rigorous disclosure of historic conduct, including social media, to ensure there are no pas transgressions. The party should conduct its own historic background check to verify the candidate’s disclosures and to find additional information.

Party Conduct

All Candidates/Elected Representatives need to self-certify compliance with their Party's conduct rules, both to identify transgressions and to ensure everyone is aware of the Party's expectations.

Conflicts of Interest

It is essential for Elected Representatives to fully disclose their conflicts of interest, actual or perceived.
The media are especially focused on flagging the appearance of corruption, especially where politicians hold high office.

Issues Reporting

When Candidates/Elected Representatives identify a potential issue they need to report them to their party so the issue can be investigated, assessed and resolved.


Prove Compliance – Evidence your Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Automate GRC – Run manual checks and processes automatically

Low Cost – Quick and easy to use + low pricing