Maestro-Solutions for

Multi-National Firms

Managing compliance teams in multiple jurisdictions requires strong oversight


Multi-National firms usually have the resources in each jurisdiction and business area in which they operate.

The challenge faced by multi-nationals is managing compliance resources operating in many locations and optimizing existing processes/checks and controls.

GRC-Maestro for Multi-National Firms

Large firms can use GRC-Maestro to augment their existing systems and as a tactical solution when new regulations or requirements emerge.

GRC-Maestro gives management assurance that their firm has comprehensive Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) across the firm.

Wherever a firm has manual processes and checks, they can leverage the power for GRC-Maestro to:

  • Automate Manual Checks – run checks on data to identify potential GRC issues and flag them for investigation
  • Formalized Processes – ensure staff follow the correct processes
  • Record Keeping – ensure the required records are kept

In addition to the above, firms can used GRC-Maestro data to feed their internal Business Intelligence (BI) for management reporting.