Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Automate & Formalize Manual AML Processes, Checks and Recordkeeping:

Identify/Assess AML Requirements/Risk

Plan, Resource and Implement AML Strategy

AML Monitoring, Reporting and Record Keeping

KYC/Transaction Investigations/Case Management

Using GRC-Maestro helps firms:

Cut errors/omissions

Improve efficiency

Reduce key-person dependency

Improve recordkeeping

Automated Rule Checking

Identify potential AML issues or reportable events with automatic checks.

Flagged issues/events launch the GRC Case Manager.

Case Management

Flagged AML issues/reportable events launch the GRC Case Manager.

GRC Cases are investigated, classified as issues/”false positives” and are managed to resolution.


Firms are required to maintain thorough AML records regarding both issues and reportable events.

Ensure your firm has the records to evidence its compliance with AML regulations.

Management Information

Extract the data required by management to assess the firm’s AML status.

Provide data for detailed AML management reporting per period.


Investment Managers

Investment managers are required to undertake detailed due diligence, including KYC, when account opening.

GRC-Maestro helps investment managers evidence the complex client take-on processes and periodic monitoring.

Investment Banks

Investment banks/brokers have to conduct detailed KYC before opening client accounts.

GRC-Maestro evidences the account opening KYC and AML monitoring the Investment Bank undertakes.


Member owned organizations tend to be smaller than commercial businesses and, historically, didn’t have the same access to AML expertise or resources.

GRC-Maestro offers Mutuals a powerful AML platform to formalize their checks, processes and controls.

Private Banks

In the current political and regulatory environment, Private Banks have implemented tough AML controls.

GRC-Maestro helps Private Banks across their AML controls/management and particularly when managing more complex or higher risk clients.


Accountants looking to provide clients with AML compliance technology and/or outsourced services can leverage GRC-Maestro to grow their service offering.

Regulated firms can outsource parts of their AML management or use the GRC-Maestro platform configured by their service provider.

Board Directors

Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive, have to be aware of their firm’s AML status.

Directors need to undertake due diligence on the beneficial owners of their firm and periodically update this.

Compliance Consultants

Consultants who want to provide new AML services or improve the operational efficiency of existing AML services can use GRC-Maestro to automate checks, processes and record keeping.

Firms can allow their clients to “self-service” their AML or provide a blend of technology and services.

Fund Administrators

Many mutual funds delegate their AML responsibilities to their Fund Administrators.

Where the Fund Administrator is responsible for AML then they have to confirm the beneficial owners of the fund investment and, in some instances, either decline an investment or implement enhanced due diligence on the investor.

Boutique Firms

Smaller regulated firms face strict AML rules but often don’t have the human or IT resources to adequately prove their compliance.

GRC-Maestro is designed to give boutique firms the AML Control Framework they need to satisfy regulators that they operated, and continue to operate, in compliance with relevant AML laws/regulations.


GRC-Maestro helps Mid-Tier firms deal with the complexities of staying compliant with multiple regulators and operating in more than one location.

Whether firms need to consolidate their AML view group wide or automate manual checks/processes, GRC-Maestro is an essential part of your AML Control Framework.


Operating in multiple locations with compliance teams spread internationally presents additional management and oversight complexities.

GRC-Maestro helps Multi-Nationals maintain strict AML management over their global operations by providing AML management with visibility of group wide AML controls, reportable issues and breaches/violations.