The prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing has united the financial regulators in taking firm and resolute action.

Firms have been shut down because of poor Anti-Money Laundering (AML) management while the fines have escalated to a level where they can exceed profits.

Our AML Governance solution enables clients to protect their business by evidencing compliance with the regulatory requirements:

    • Management Body Oversight: Ensure that Senior Management have thorough control over AML
    • Resources/Expertise: Show regulators that the firm has dedicated sufficient resources to AML (personnel, systems, data, etc.)
    • Size/Complexity: Assess the AML framework (policies/procedures/controls) based on the size and complexity of the firm
    • Monitoring/Reporting: Show that the firm’s AML policies, procedures and controls are monitored, results are reported and actions taken

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to show: the who, what, when and why regarding AML Governance.

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