Maestro-Solutions for

Outsourced Service Providers


If you provide outsourced services to regulated firm you have to demonstrate full legal and regulatory compliance.


GRC-Maestro ensures outsource service providers can fulfill the full legal and regulatory obligations firms contract to, including:

  • Cyber-security: ensure that client data is both secure and complies with data privacy requirements
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): demonstrate compliance with DR requirements and expectations of regulators and clients
  • Regulatory reporting: record, store and report on information required by regulators and clients
  • Exception management: identify potential regulatory or client issues, investigate, resolve and report

GRC-Maestro gives clients assurance that their Outsource Service Providers are able to meet their regulatory obligations.


Maestro-Solutions for different jurisdictions are quick and easy to build or customise to meet specific requirements: Maestro-Solutions

There are a range of pre-build Maestro-Solutions for different jurisdictions: