Due Diligence: 3rd Party Investment Managers

Our Professional Services team have extensive experience conducting Due Diligence on 3rd party investment managers and have developed a proprietary Due Diligence program.


The 3rd Party Investment Manager DD covers topics including:

  • Investment Process: who is making investment decisions and how are they implemented?
  • Investment Dealing: how are investment decisions executed (including Best Execution)?
  • Portfolio Compliance: what checks are performed to ensure the portfolio is IMA compliant?
  • Checks: which checks are performed and how are exceptions identified/resolved?
  • Record Keeping: what records are made and stored?
  • Reporting: what reports (periodic and ad-hoc) are prepared and circulated?


At the end of the Due Diligence on 3rd Party Investment Managers you will receive a draft report outlining the salient findings, along with a list of suggested actions.


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