You can outsource operations but you can’t outsource responsibility!

Outsourcing DD gives assurance to:

♦ Regulators
♦ Senior Management
♦ Clients

Outsourcing DD Governance

Reviewing the design, implementation and operation of the overall Due Diligence conducted on outsourced services.

Outsourced Service DD

Periodically monitor the services outsourced to ensure it is being managed in accordance with the contract/SLA.

Outsourcing Investigations

Where firms have found, or suspect, there are issues with their outsourced service(s) we plan and execute special investigations.

Outsourced DD Reporting

How ad-hoc issues and the periodic review of outsourced services are reported to Senior Management.

Due Diligence - Beyond Box Checking


Determining the management environment around outsourced services, including responsibilities, reporting lines and reports made.

Procedures & Controls

The controls built in to ensure each outsourced service is managed in accordance with the contractual terms and any SLA.


How the management can effectively identify and resolve issues identified with outsourced services.

DD Reporting

Review the DD reports prepared and periodically presented to Senior Management, including: completeness and effectiveness (issues outstanding/resolved).