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GRC Consultation

Benchmark your GRC perfomance against industry best practice:

♦ Where do you stand?

♦ What do you need to do?

♦ How do you deliver Best Practice?

♦ Are you getting Value for Money?

One-Day GRC Consultation

Our Professional Services team have developed our proprietary GRC Consultation based on best practices across the Financial services industry.


The one-day GRC Consultation is designed to quickly benchmark your firm against your peer group for a specific GRC area:

  • Governance: who is the “business sponsor” and how do they oversee the GRC area?
  • Operations: how is the GRC area monitored and managed daily?
  • Resourcing: what are the resources (human, technical and data) used?
  • Checks: which checks are performed and how are exceptions identified/resolved?
  • Record Keeping: what records are made and stored?
  • Reporting: what reports (periodic and ad-hoc) are prepared and circulated?


At the end of the GRC Consultation you will receive a draft report outlining the salient findings, along with a list of suggested actions.


The Dynamic-GRC Consultation is priced based on a fixed one-day assignment.

Clients needing a more detailed GRC Consultation, e.g. there are a range of  compliance challenges which need to be investigated, assessed, reported and remedial action planned should consider a GRC Health Check.


GRC Assurance Services

Dynamic-GRC specialise in Governance, Risk & Compliance.

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