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Combatting Financial Crime


Financial services firms can be victims of financial crime, or unwitting accessories

Financial crime is a constant threat to regulated firms. Criminals are constantly looking to profit from financial services firm or their clients, while also taking advantage of firms to launder their proceeds.

Our Financial Crime Protection solution enables clients to protect their business and their clients by implementing a comprehensive governance environment appropriate to their business:

  1. Management Body Oversight: Ensure that Senior Management have thorough control over Financial Crime Prevention
  2. Resources/Expertise: Show regulators, shareholders and customers that the firm has sufficient resources to prevent Financial Crime (personnel, systems, data, etc.)
  3. Size/Complexity: Assess the Financial Crime Prevention framework (policies/procedures/controls) based on the size and complexity of the firm
  4. Monitoring/Reporting: Show that the firm’s Financial Crime Prevention policies, procedures and controls are monitored, results are reported, and actions taken

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to show: the who, what, when and why regarding Financial Crime Prevention.


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Combatting Financial Crime

Financial Crime Prevention is critical in financial services…