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Employers and their employees must comply with employment laws in all jurisdictions

Employers hold a lot of personal data regarding their employees and/or contractors. In many jurisdictions there are strict data protection rules requiring employers to:

  1. Identify data: know what data is being held, where, who has access, etc.
  2. Manage data: appoint a manager to secure the data
  3. Control data: design and implement controls to safeguard data
  4. Train/educate: ensure all employees accessing employee/contractor data are aware of the data secrecy rules and follow them

GRC-Maestro supports your Employee Data Secrecy management by formalising the requirements investigations, designing and implementing the controls, periodically assessing the implementation and reporting/resolving exceptions.

As an employer you have a legal obligation to ensure that employees conducting candidate interviews are not breaching employment laws by asking illegal questions.

In many jurisdictions it is necessary for employers to prove they have the procedures and controls in place to ensure candidate selection processes are legally compliant.

GRC-Maestro supports your employment practices management in a Maestro Solution with:

  1. Maestro-Templates: for all candidates or sub-groups, e.g. all new joiners in Finance, Managers in Hong Kong, etc.
  2. Schedules: periodically sending applicable Maestro-Forms to employees conducting interviews

GRC-Maestro evidences that your employees are conducting legally compliant candidate interviews.


Regulatory Jurisdictions