A good compliance culture doesn't just happen, it has to be built and managed!

Regulators are demanding that firms implement a “Compliance Culture” over and above simply following the rules.

Implementing and managing a “Compliance Culture” is complicated by the ambiguity of “culture” and “ethics”. But your firm must be able to show it has assessed its current culture and implemented a plan to make compliance more than just “box checking”.

GRC-Maestro supports your Compliance Culture management and reporting with:

  • Maestro-Templates: based on your specific Compliance Culture requirements for your group, and optionally for different business lines and jurisdictions
  • Schedules: periodically sending Maestro-Forms to assess and update the ongoing Compliance Culture
  • Incidents: evaluate responses with automatic and manual incident creation, reporting and resolution

GRC-Maestro evidences to your Senior Management and Regulators that your business operates a Compliance Culture.


Regulatory Jurisdictions

Ethics & Compliance Culture

Regulators require firms to implement and evidence a compliance culture