Maestro-Solutions for

Estate Agents/Realtors


Real estate is the new front line for the prevention of money laundering


Estate Agents/Realtors have been co-opted into the campaign against money laundering. This means that they are required to implement and operate a comprehensive AML regime.

Examples of where the GRC-Maestro platform can help Estate Agents/Realtors achieve and prove AML compliance at a low cost include:

  • AML Resourcing – keeping the designated Senior Manager responsible for AML informed of material issues as they arise, periodic reporting of AML operations and the results of AML auditing
  • AML Reporting – reporting KPIs for senior management, assessing AML requirements/risks, resourcing and monitoring results
  • Record-Keeping – ensure the AML records required by regulators are ecorded and accessible on demand

GRC-Maestro gives Estate Agents/Realtors, and their Senior Management, the ability to control and manage both existing and proposed regulatory requirements by automating manual checks and recordkeeping.


As “newcomers” to the campaign against money laundering, Estate Agents/Realtors have unique challenges:

  • AML Systems – existing AML systems are designed for Financial Services and not for Estate Agents/Realtors
  • Cost Constraints – Estate Agents/Realtors don’t have deep pockets to pay for expensive AML systems or staffing
  • AML Expertise – unlike Financial Services, Estate Agents/Realtors don’t have deep pools of AML expertise
  • Multiple Branches – many Estate Agents/Realtors have large networks of small branches which are accountable for AML

GRC-Maestro addresses the governance, risk and compliance challenges of Estate Agents/Realtors by supporting current and future requirements on a single, low cost, platform.


Maestro-Solutions for different jurisdictions are quick and easy to build or customise to meet specific requirements: Maestro-Solutions

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