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AML Risk Evaluation

Your AML checks and controls have to be based on your firm's AML Risk Evaluation

The first step in building an AML regime that is fit for purpose is to undertake a comprehensive AML Risk Assessment.

Knowing your AML risks is essential because your whole AML regime is built on the AML risks that your firm faces.

Our AML Risk Assessment solution enables clients to protect their business by evidencing their AML analysis and shows regulators that the whole AML regime is built on a solid base, including:

  1. Policies and Procedures: Ensure that AML policies and procedures are complete and up-to-date.
  2. Training: Record the training requirements of Directors, Senior Managers, AML Officers, etc.
  3. Products and Services: Assess the AML risk posed by the firm’s product mix.
  4. Firm Level Assessment: Determine the firm’s AML risk level.
  5. Sanctions and PEPs: Record the firm’s approach to Sanctions Monitoring and PEPs.

GRC-Maestro keeps the records you need to show: the who, what, when and why regarding your AML Risk Assessment.


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