One Platform for:

♦ Anti-Money Laundering

♦ Financial Crime Prevention

♦ Governance, Risk & Compliance


Make sure you have the records to prove your compliance, verify your compliance, manage exceptions to resolutions and produce reports.

GRC Dashboard

Oversee your Governance, Risk & Compliance control environment with a powerful, real-time, dashboard.

Identify Maestro-Forms sent to Respondents and issues relating to internal controls or laws, regulations and contracts.

GRC Case-Manager

Ensure all potential rule issues/breaches are investigated and resolved.

The GRC Case-Manager maintains a full audit trail of actions taken, including attached documents.

Automated Rule Checks

Rules checks can be written against GRC-Maestro data inputs to automatically identify potential rule breaches.

All flagged potential rule breaches launch the GRC Case-Manager.

Management Information

All the data recorded in GRC-Maestro can be used in business intelligence tools for powerful management reporting.

Designed for Compliance


MS Azure Cloud

Slice & Dice Data

Super Secure

Customizable Checks


GRC-Maestro is designed to give users an immediate business payback.


Use GRC-Maestro to automate and formalise your current manual processes, checks and controls or supplement your IT systems.

Immediate Value 

As a cloud deployed system, GRC-Maestro requires no software or local deployment, simply log in and you are good to go.

Enhance Existing Processes 

Using GRC-Maestro avoids the need to replace existing IT systems which struggle to support new compliance requirements.

Short/Long Term Solution

Clients use GRC-Maestro as a “tactical” solution to address risks that are not addressed in current IT systems or as a “strategic” solution.


The GRC-Maestro Platform records, checks and reports on all your compliance requirements:

♦ Statutory Laws 

Provide compliance with statutory laws regarding: employment practices, health & safety, taxation, etc.

♦ Regulatory Rules

Ensure your firm complies with the regulatory license(s) it holds.

♦ Contracts

Check the firm is complying with client contracts and that service providers are correctly monitored.

♦ Internal Policies/Procedures

Monitor compliance with internal policies and procedures.